Sandbags are sold individually for $0.79 each. We have 4 colors: orange, green, yellow and white. The bag is 14″ x 26″ and weighs about 40 lbs. when filled to proper level. Woven polypropylene is designed to break down over time, our heavy duty bag can last up to 1600 hours UVI rating in the sun.   We also sell burlap bags for $1.79.

For $2.50 each you get the bag and fill it yourself at our stockpile. If your not up to doing it yourself, call us and pre-order how many you will need. We-fill for additional $1.00 per bag. They come 40 bags to a pallet, (returnable pallet fee $15). Delivery is available in the Tucson metro area.

Acme bulk products are available to our customers by the 5 gallon bucket starting at $2.50 each for most products.  For this price, it is self-load, bring your own containers, shovel and U-fill.


U-fill Sandbag5 Gallon BucketPallet-Sandbags