Construction Mixes

Quality Construction Mixes available for your specific needs: Compaction base material for roads and paths, pavers and artificial turf, grout and concrete mixes for footings and slabs.

Concrete is a mixture of portland cement, fine aggregate in the form of sand, gravel or rock used as a coarse aggregate, and water. The volume of the combined ingredients is approximately one-third less than the sum of the volumes of the individual ingredients.  1 cubic yard of 2500psi concrete  contains: five 94lbs bags of portland cement, 14 cubic feet of sand and 21 cubic feet of gravel and rock (or about 1.25 cubic yards of Ideal Mix) mixed with water to create desired consistency.

A cubic yard of soil or sand mix weighs approximately 2500 lbs = about 1.25 tons.

ABCM Aggregate Base Course, often referred to simply as ABC, provides a foundation to existing undisturbed soil. It is typically made of different sizes of aggregate rock from 1-1/2” inch to fine dust. It is placed directly on top of the sub-base of undisturbed soil. It is placed by spreading, dampening and compacting to provide a stable foundation.
3/8”- Crushed Fines
CRUFNS Crushed Fines, or Quarry Dust, is used as a compact-able sub-base for pathways, pavers, flagstone, and artificial turf. The irregular and angular shaped particles range in size from 5/16 inch to fine dust. The rock fines are natural binders that when dampened with water and compacted with a plate compactor, will produce a solid surface.
Recycled Asphalt Millings
Recycled Asphalt Millings Fines
RAPM Pavement millings is oil based asphalt that has been removed from a roadway and ground up into small chunks, gravel and fines. RAPM helps control erosion, dust and mud. The warmth of the sun helps the millings bond together further promoting surface hardening.$21.00
3/8"- Grout Mix
GTMX 50/50 mix 3/8"gravel and concrete sand used to fill block cells, concrete slabs less than 3" thick. 5 mix to 1 Portland to fill cells.
3/4”- Ideal Mix
IDMX The Ideal Concrete Mix, just add cement and water. A 50/50 concrete sand and aggregate mix for footings and slabs. Use a 4 1/2 - 5 mix to 1 Portland for a 2000 to 2500 psi strength concrete. $29.00