Q: What are your hours of operation?
A: Our hours of operation are Monday – Friday from 7:00 am – 4 pm and Saturdays from 7:00 am – 2 pm.   To help in serving you better, please arrive 15 minutes before closing, to allow for loading time.

Q: I have a truck and/or trailer and want to pick up a small load from Acme. What do I need to do before I arrive?
A: We have created a Checklist for Picking Up Bulk Materials to help you get your load home safely. Here is a chart  for   ton ratings and payloads.

Q: I am trying to better understand the price and coverage for gravel. I will need at least a ton. What is the difference between a ton and a cubic yard?
A:  At Acme, products that weigh 2000 pounds or more are sold by the ton (sand, gravel and construction mixes). Products under 2000 pounds are sold by the cubic yard (compost, garden blends and wood chips). We have found that our gravel and rock products are about equal in weight and in volume: 1 ton to 1 cubic yard. It’s equivalent to a bathtub full of material. When spread out on the ground at 2 inches thick it will cover 162 square feet. Sand and soils are heavier so coverage will be less per ton. Please see our Coverage Chart for other products to determine how much you will need.

Q: How soon can I get delivery of a product?
A: Same Day and Next Day delivery service is possible with most products during much of the year. Our delivery times are set in 2 hour windows between 7:30am and 2pm during the week. We appreciate several days notice to secure a delivery during a particular 2 hour window of time, for instance between 11am and 1pm.

Q: Will you dump-spread my delivery load?
A: Dump-spread or tail-gate spreading is available. Site conditions such as grade or slope, obstructions, will be considered by the driver before attempting. There is a 10 minute window our driver is allowed to unload with the single axle bobtail truck. After that you will be charged $1.42 per minute.

Q: Can you dump my delivery load in two places?
A: Referred to as a “split dump”, this is possible. Providing us with a safe unload sites such as driveway or curb sides, our driver can split the load into 2 smaller piles with the bobtail truck. There is a 10 minute window our driver is allowed to unload. After that you  will be charged $1.42 per minute.

Q: Can you deliver my materials if no one is home?
A: Yes we can unload curbside and driveway only. Please leave an obvious landmark (tarp, stake, spray paint, bucket). Providing a sketch of the unload site is helpful. Your order must be prepaid and signed authorizing us to unload at your site. This gives us your permission to enter your driveway and you assume all responsibility within curb line. We will need a contact phone number to confirm delivery and possibly confer with you from your site before unloading.

Q: I am a landscape contractor and my crew needs to pick up materials on a regular basis. How can I get my credit card on file with Acme Sand and Gravel?
A: Please download our credit authorization form, fill it out and fax (520 296-6232) or drop it off at our business.

Q: My delivery is scheduled and I would like to contain the load when dumped with a tarp. How large of a tarp will I need?
A: For loads up to 8 tons an 10 X 12 foot will work, larger loads and semi-loads a 10 X 16 is best.

Q: I would like to build a custom mix from your soil and compost products, is this possible?
A: We can deliver multiple complementary products in the same truck and layer them in the bed so they dump out somewhat mixed for no extra charge.
We can also pre-mix custom blends of our products for you in a bin for $30 mixing fee. We will blend in any bagged amendments you provide in the mixing process.

Q: We have 3 dogs and my entire back yard is just dirt so everything gets incredibly dusty, is there a specific type or rock or gravel you would recommend?
A: We feel our dark pea gravel is the best pet friendly ground cover. It is washed, screened (not crushed) small round stone sized at 3/8″ minus. Placed at the proper depth, its large enough to stay put on the ground, unlikely to get stuck in the frogs of their feet, but small enough to cushion your dogs when they run and play.

Q: I am interested in getting 1 ton of pea gravel loaded into the back of my truck. The weight will be more than I am comfortable carrying in one load. Is it possible to purchase the ton and pick it up in two trips?
A: Our pricing is structured by all you can carry per visit. We sell in increments of 1/4, 1/2, 3/4 and 1 TON. If you are unsure of exactly how much you need, it is usually easier to pay for what you pick up each trip. Here is a chart for  ton ratings and payloads