Fractured Rock

Manufactured Aggregates are used as base material in landscapes, a stable foundation for roads and driveways, and drainage applications in leech fields and french drains. Fractured rock is crushed and dry screened to a specific uniform size. Dry screening leaves up to 20% fines in the rock. Color and tones vary from blue-grey to tan as the veins of bedrock are mined. We carry 3 primary sizes of MA, 1/2″, 3/4″, and 1″.


05FRAC 1/2" Fractured Rock

This is the 1/2″ Fractured Rock with predominant blue tones at time of photo.


75FRAC 3/4" Fractured Rock

The 3/4″ Fractured Rock showing the tone variations of the product.


Showing the 1" Fractured Rock and color tone variation.

Showing the 1″ Fractured Rock and color tone variation.