Lawn Soil

If your thinking about planting a winter or summer lawn, here are a few products to choose from to prepare. There is a wide variety of composts and manures available, and your selection may depend on several factors. Here at Acme, we have an extensive selection of soil amendments and natural composts and manures available in bulk to fit your needs.

Native Planting Blend is a 50-50 blend of Tucson area Sandy Topsoil and Native Compost. It is a thick amended soil ready to plant in. Consider rolling the soil prior to seeding to prevent lumps and uneven settling. For a fine grained premium compost and manure blend that spreads out smooth, try Tucson’s Best Organic Compost. If the fall temperatures are getting cooler or your starting late, a Manure Mulch Blend will add heat to help your grass germinate.

A simple step-by-step process for installing your winter lawn visit: Planting Winter Rye-Grass Over-Seeding in Southern Arizona Desert Region

1 Cu.Yd.
Tucson's Best Organic Sod Blend
TBSODB Our Sod Blend consists of a two part blend of nitrogen rich Tucson's Best Organic Compost and one part Fine Sand. It is finely screened to 1/4" minus compost. TBSODB is used as a base for turf establishment, to improve compacted soil, and as a top dressing to smooth out depressions. With its high availability and balance of essential plant nutrients, Sod Blend is the optimal planting medium for growing grass or laying down sod.
1600 lbs. = CU. YD.
Tucson's Best Organic Compost
TBOC "Tucson’s Best Organic Compost". It's ASCO Verified for use in organic agriculture, containing a balance of 30/70% of organic dairy manure and controlled plant waste resulting in a rich, highly nutritious, moisture holding, porous material. It is composted to 130 degree for 30 days, screened to 1/4" with an occasional twig or two, until it is a well cured, with no continued decomposition and no odor. TBOC is a biologic additive providing the microbes that help composting. Bactifeed is certified organic by GOCA, CCOF, and ICS. It has a Carbon to Nitrogen ratio of 18:1 and a Carbon to Phosphorus ratio of 77:1.
1100 lbs. = CU.YD.
Manure Mulch Blend
Manure Mulch Blend
MMB Manure Mulch Blend is a high quality lawn top dressing and over-seeding fertilizer made from 50% Pine Mulch and 50% Steer Manure. The high nitrogen content in Steer Manure helps keep grass seed warm and promotes germination during the cool fall nights. MMB provides the warmth and nutrients of steer manure and the moisture retention of the pine mulch.$32.00
600 lbs. = CU.YD.