Granite Pavers

Natural beauty may be hard to come by, but our Natural Granite Pavers make it happen. Convert your drab looking concrete patio into a space of beauty. Our hardscape Granite Pavers are recycled material manufactured from remnant granite slabs. They are sold on pallets by the square foot and have a chiseled edge on all 4 sides. The 100 square foot pallet is composed of several tones of granite including gray, tan, pink and brown. They may be mortared in place and grouted in with Polymeric Sand or left open for a permeable drain. They are 6 x 9 inches and are 1 inch thick, with a slip resistant surface on one side and polished finished on the other.


The Natural Granite Pavers are shown here in a 6 x 9 inch pattern with a chiseled curve border.



This 6 x 9 inch paver pattern is called Muster B (running bond)

Muster B Running bond 6" x 9" paver

Herringbone pattern using 6" x 9" pavers


Calculating how many individual pavers needed for 200 sq. ft. patio:

Rectangle Paver:    6″ x 9″ = 54   square inches

54 square inches  ÷  144 square inches =  .375 square feet.  Each 6″ x 9″ rectangle covers .375 square feet

200 square feet  ÷  .375  =  534           6″ x 9″ pieces needed.



Per square foot:            $4.49      100 square feet pallet

Singles    6″ x 9″            $1.99       2.67  pieces = 1  square foot