Mexican Beach Pebbles

Where do Beach Pebbles come from?
Beach Pebbles are formed from a process evolving over millions of years. The ocean erodes the stones from the cliffs along the beaches, and the energy and churn of the ocean waves and sand smooth and polish the pebbles into unique sizes and shapes. Mexican Beach Pebbles are mined and sorted directly from the beaches in Baja, California (Mexico).

Beach pebbles are a 100% natural product, and therefore are never completely uniform in size, shape and color. The most popular color is a gray or blue-gray tone that often appears charcoal or black when wet. Although there are many sizes available, we carry 2 of the most popular sizes in 5 different colors.


1 – 2″ non-polished black (blue-gray)


2 -3″ non-polished mixed


The non-polished pebble colors are:       Black (blue-gray)    Red    Jade    Gold    Mixed


There are many decorative uses for these colorful pebbles:
Fountains and Water features
Dry Streams and Ponds
Planters and Garden Accents
Natural Tree and Landscape edging
Poolside designs
Zen Gardens

Pebbles are available in smaller amounts by the pound, in 50 pound sacks and 1 TON Bulk Bags.
$0.59 lb.  (mixed or match)
$18.00 – $20.00 50 lb. sack
$499.00 – $599.00 TON
Other sizes and colors available with special order of 1 TON minimum (4-6 weeks)