Installation Guides

  • Artificial Turf Installation Ground Preparation  A step-by-step base prep guideline based on climate and ground conditions of the desert region of the Southwest. By following this process, it will insure that your installation meets the highest standard of quality and performance.
  • Keyhole Garden  A keyhole garden is the ultimate raised-bed planter. It is built in the shape of a circle 6 feet in diameter that stands about 3 feet high and is notched like a pie with a slice cut away to access the center. A hole in the center holds a composting basket that moistens and nourishes the soil. The garden can be built with recycled materials and requires less water than a conventional garden.

  •  Desert-Adapted Tree Planting Guide  Xeriscape plants are drought resistant, meaning they can survive extended periods of drought with little or no supplemental irrigation. Proper steps include when to plant, preparation of the hole and soil, irrigation and pruning technique’s.