Zen Sand

The timeless quality of rock can be contrasted with the fluid quality of sand – to express both the permanence and changeability of the world. Sand in the rock garden creates simplicity and serenity. Usually the sand, symbolizing the empty mind, is raked in swirls, resembling the way water edges stones and islands.
The swirls can impart a feeling of raging or gentle lapping water, depending on their design. The sand also symbolizes the ocean around the island of Japan while the rocks placed in the garden, represent Japan itself. Spontaneity and experimentation are the key. The Zen garden is after all a launching pad – a place to take off from and come back to.


   This small limestone gravel with beautiful cream hues ranges in size from 1/16″ – 1/8″ of an inch. We sell it in sandbags and 1/2 cubic yard Super Sacks. Fine Gravel is used in zen gardens, rather than sand, because it is less disturbed by rain and wind. The act of raking the sand into a pattern representing waves or rippling water invites peaceful meditation as well as aesthetic function. A customer’s experience with our product here: Mini-Zen-Garden