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TON Equiv.
Red Diamond Infield Mix
RDIFMX Red Diamond Infield Mix is a natural, specially formulated blend of sand and clay. This mix allows for excellent drainage, reduced erosion and dust control.These natural materials bond to provide the required consistent firmness and resiliency to any playing field. This specially formulated blend of materials has been developed and perfected through the help and insight of industry professionals and does not bleed onto other areas and does not stain clothing or uniforms. View sieve size chart below. The rich color adds contrast to areas it borders, and creates a durable, natural surface commonly used for walkways, patio areas and driveways. Sieve size chart below.$40.00
Clay Topsoil
CLAYTS Mined from a pit, screened and virtually free from seeds, Arizona Red Mesa Clay Soil has a higher alkaline base and several unique characteristics. It is sticky when wet and dense rather than granular and crumbly. Its small particle size slows water absorption, and in the hot summer months, it will harden and compact very well for a smooth surface.$19.00
RDIFMX This is a sieve size chart for the Red and Brown Diamond Infield Mix.