Steer Manure

Steer Manure is an excellent fertilizer containing nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium and other nutrients. Sourced from pens and stalls that contain some wood fiber, the manure has been aged and heat treated to kill of most foreign plant contaminates and seeds. Also rinsed to leach salts to prevent leaf and root burn when applied to growing plants. We have also amended gypsum to prevent clumping and promote drainage.

The high nitrogen content in Steer Manure helps keep the manure warm and helps to promote continued germination during the cold winter months. Because of this, Steer Manure makes an excellent winter over-seeding fertilizer where its elevated temperature protects germinating seeds at night. Steer Manure also has great moisture retention properties and can hold eight times its weight in water. Steer Manure is also a great soil additive that elevates soil nutrient content and promotes water infiltration.

SANM – Steer Manure



   Manure Mulch Blend is a high quality lawn top dressing and over-seeding fertilizer is a 2:1 blend of 66% 1/4″ Pine Mulch and 34% Steer Manure. The high nitrogen content in Steer Manure helps keep grass seed warm and promotes germination during the cool fall nights. MMB provides the warmth and nutrients of steer manure and the moisture retention of the pine mulch.


MMB – Manure Mulch Blend