Horse Bedding

A cubic yard of horse bedding weighs approximately 350 lbs.


1 Cu Yd
Virgin Pine Horsebedding
VPHB Virgin Pine Horsebedding - Small shavings, cuttings and fines make up this product. Sized ½" and smaller, great for horse or pet bedding in stalls, pens and cages. A cubic yard weighs about 260 lbs. $27.00
VPCUT Virgin Pine Cuttings are high quality untreated fine cuttings that are specifically manufactured in the milling process. They have a cubic shape and more substantial than saw dust and thicker than shavings. They are a soft wood, making them a perfect high quality horse or pet bedding for stalls, pens and cages. A cubic yard weighs about 900 lbs.$32.00
Bag Horse Bedding Pine Shavings
BAGHBS Made from premium Ponderosa Pine shavings, Bagged Horse Bed Shavings are compressed into convenient packaging for ease of transport and storage. The bag contains a nice blend of 1” flakes and soft medium flakes and fibers with minimal fines. When fluffed the 2.5 cu.ft. bag expands to 11.1 cu.ft. of fresh, fluffy and aromatic pet bedding. Absorbent and dust-free, bagged shavings are perfect for use in pet cages, barns, stables, stalls, pens, and horse trailers.$12.00 Bag
Arena Mix
AREMX Arena Mix is a 3:2 blend designed with local horse owners and trainers input. Made with washed All Purpose Sand and Virgin Pinewood Shavings and Cuttings. Installed at a proper depth it creates a soft but stable footing for arenas and round pens. A cubic yard weighs in at 1450 lbs.$29.00
Arena Sand
ARENAS A washed medium to coarse grade bedding sand for round pens and arenas.$27.00 TON
Minus Chat
MCHT Economically priced, sized at 1/4" minus with about 10% sand. This washed product is used as a horse arena coarse sand, and to control dusty areas. Works well in damp or muddy areas to absorb moisture without creating muddy sticky goo. .$22.00 TON