Horse Bedding

A cubic yard of virgin softwood horse bedding weighs approximately 260 lbs.


1 Cu Yd
Virgin Pine Horsebedding
VPHB Virgin Pine Horsebedding - Small shavings, cuttings and fines make up this product. Sized ½" and smaller, great for horse or pet bedding in stalls, pens and cages. A cubic yard weighs about 260 lbs. $29.00
VPCUT Virgin Pine Cuttings are high quality untreated fine cuttings that are specifically manufactured in the milling process. They have a cubic shape and more substantial than saw dust and thicker than shavings. They are a soft wood, making them a perfect high quality horse or pet bedding for stalls, pens and cages. A cubic yard weighs about 900 lbs.$32.00
Arena Mix
AREMX Arena Mix is a 3:2 blend designed with local horse owners and trainers input. Made with washed All Purpose Sand and Virgin Pinewood Shavings and Cuttings. Installed at a proper depth it creates a soft but stable footing for arenas and round pens. A cubic yard weighs in at 1450 lbs.$29.00
Arena Sand
ARENAS A washed medium to coarse grade bedding sand for round pens and arenas.$29.00 TON
Minus Chat
MCHT Economically priced, sized at 1/4" minus with about 10% sand. This washed product is used as a horse arena coarse sand, and to control dusty areas. Works well in damp or muddy areas to absorb moisture without creating muddy sticky goo. .$22.00 TON