Sand is the general term for the broken down granules of rocks. Sand is smaller than gravel, but larger than silt or clay. Most sand is composed of silica, from broken down quartz crystals. Silica Sand or Manufactured man-made sands will have very sharp angular tendencies. Natural Sands will have sub-angular to rounded grains, because the sharp edges are river tumbled and water worn over time.

Pantano Mortar Sand
PTMS Pantano River Mortar Sand is a medium-fine grained sand used for stucco and masonry work. It is washed and screened allowing the fine grains to bind the mortar. A soft sand as a base under an above ground pool. 96% pass on a #8 sieve. 7% pass on a #100 sieve.$30.00
Santa Cruz Play Sand
SCPS A well screened fine grain natural river sand for playgrounds and sandboxes that has been washed multiple times to remove most of the fines and dust. Natural Sands will have sub-angular to rounded grains. This fine grained sand has a light off-white tone and sparkling mica flecks.
Az Beach Sand
A very fine washed light grey toned sand with a small amount of chip fragments from the screening process. It can be used as a paver base and grout between pavers, trap and bunker sand, and sporting events.
All Purpose Sand
APPS This is a multi-purpose washed sand with various grain sizes up to 1/4". Contains less fines and more coarse size grains. Uses include arena fill, pipe bedding, sandbags or as a planting soil amendment. $27.00
Compactable Bedding Paver Sand
BEDS Compactable Bedding Paver Sand is a fine grain sand like mortar sand but contains more fines and dust size particles. This give you the ability to screed to level and has the density to compact for a solid base foundation for laying pavers and flagstone.
Zen Sand
ZENS This small limestone gravel with beautiful cream hues ranges in size from 1/16" - 1/8" of an inch. Small gravel is used in zen gardens, rather than sand, because it is less disturbed by rain and wind. The act of raking the sand into a pattern representing waves or rippling water invites peaceful meditation. 1 Ton $149.00

1/2 Ton $99.00

Sandbag 40# $10.00
Lava Sand
Lava Sand
LAVAS Sourced from northern Arizona our Black Lava Sand is screened at 3/16” minus with various size grains down to fines. Lava is a porous light weight rock consisting primarily of Plagioclase, Olivine, and Augite. Used in gardening as a light weight aggregate amendment to loosen and aerate the soil. Its porous structure will help break up heavy clay soil to allow drainage while providing moisture retention.
1 Cu. Yd. $59.00